We offer a large variety of accessories to accompany our slatwall. Hooks, shelves, bins and baskets allow for storage of nearly any tool, equipment, or supply you have. A sleek powder-coated finish accentuates the already stylish slatwall while our high grade steel back plates disperse the workload throughout the wall. Empowering you to hang whatever you want, wherever you want.

      Crownwall Accessories

      CrownWall Single Hook 4"


      CrownWall 4" Locking Double Hook


      CrownWall 8" Locking Double Hook


      CrownWall Locking Small J Hook


      CrownWall Locking Loop Hook


      CrownWall Locking Bike Hook


      CrownWall Folding Bike Hook


      CrownWall Fishing Rack (2-Piece Set)


      CrownWall 24"x12" Wire Bracket Shelves


      CrownWall Paper Towel Rack


      CrownWall 12" x 48" Wire Shelf with Rail - FOR USE WITH 6" PANELS


      CrownWall 12" x 24" Wire Shelf with Rail - FOR USE WITH 6" PANELS


      CrownWall Wire Shoe Rack


      CrownWall Coat Bracket


      CrownWall Locking Big J Kayak Hooks (1-Pair)


      CrownWall 24" x 12" x 8" Deep Wire Basket


      CrownWall 15"x11"x8" Medium Wire Basket


      CrownWall 16" Magnetic Tool Bar


      CrownWall 10-Piece Organizing Kit


      CrownWall 20-Piece Locking Hook Kit


      CrownWall 6-Piece Shelf and Basket Kit